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Start your healing journey today. Like footprints in the sand, you are not walking alone. Take our hand and let’s walk together.


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Thursdays at 7:00 PM

Keeping it Real, Like Jesus

We work as a group to help our members addresses their substance abuse disorder and evaluate our members needs by focusing on the social detriments of our addictions. 

We will discuss and offer spiritual guidance with regards to employment, mental health, personal and professional relationships, housing, and other essentials for every day living.

Our hope is that members of Hand in Hand will learn to understand that Jesus himself experienced challenges and had emotions just like we have.

We are also about sharing Jesus’ openness to people that society may have excluded. Jesus message is meant for everyone. Though you may see religion as hypocritical or judgmental, know that Jesus saw this too. Instead of adhereing to religious persecution, Jesus taught and offered radical compassion and stood up for the marginalized.

Here at Hand in Hand, we want to continue Jesus message and provide a safe place to ask and receive answers to your questions, including the tough ones.

If you or anyone you know are suffering from substance abuse or addiction, when/how did it get started?

Admitting you are an addict is the first step. Have you lost a job? Is your family no longer on speaking terms with you? Do you wake up routinely in a fog? These are typically signs that you are suffering from addiction. 

Are you ready to address the root cause of your addiction?

Addiction does not just happen. A life event or the misfortune of being born to addiction are the root causes. Knowing these facts and a willingness to address them are two different things. The later will help you to begin your journey toward healing. 

Do you currently live in a stable environment?

It is important to identify whether or not your living situation is stable. Are you in a loving home or abusive one? Do you have stable housing or are you couch surfing? 

Are you surrounded by people who have your BEST interest in mind?

It is important for your recovery to surround yourself with friends and family who are genuinely invested in your recovery. This also pertains to anyone who is no longer using and has not lapsed in their own recovery.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

We encourage you to look past your preset circumstances and focus on what your idea of your best life may be. Start journaling. In your journal, record a life goal you wish to achieve. EVERY DAY, record a step you took in that day to help achieve that goal.